Regulation of algorithms in Artificial Intelligence systems: a possible proposal for Brazil?


  • Mayara Rayssa da Silva Rolim
  • Daniella Maria dos Santos Dias
  • Gabriel Napoleão Velloso Filho



algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, regulation


The article discusses the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) in Brazil, with a focus on Bill 21/2020, which was approved by the Federal Chamber of Deputies in September 2021. The article is based on bibliographical and documentary research to analyze the normative proposal and the discussions surrounding the regulation of AI in Brazil. Bill 21/2020, the result of an OECD recommendation, aims to be the Legal Framework for Artificial Intelligence in Brazil, establishing objectives and foundations for AI, as well as principles for its development and application. The bill is currently before the Senate, where it is being discussed in public hearings and receiving contributions, including a substitute drawn up by a committee of lawyers. However, critics of the bill consider that it was rushed through, resulting in a bill with only 32 articles and an excess of abstract and principled rules.


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Rolim, M. R. da S., Dias, D. M. dos S., & Velloso Filho, G. N. (2024). Regulation of algorithms in Artificial Intelligence systems: a possible proposal for Brazil?. CONTRIBUCIONES A LAS CIENCIAS SOCIALES, 17(2), e4924.