Education associated with the use of technology and how the teacher's experiences interfere in this process


  • Lásara Marta Rodrigues de Rezende
  • Cleriston Fernandes Teixeira
  • Davi Oliveira da Cruz
  • Emanoela Reinaldo Gomes
  • José de Miranda Freire Junior
  • Luciano de Jesus Santos
  • Rosilda Barros Pereira Silva
  • Zenóbia Menezes de Brito



technology, teaching, apprenticeship, teachers, school


There are numerous challenges for teaching institutions that seek in their teaching plan, the increment of initiatives that aim to potentiate the school, teachers and students indexes, through technological means, or that use this resource as an aid for that. However, the scenario in real life that we end up encountering is completely the opposite of the one we plan or idealize for our work and for the perpetuation of our students' learning, institutions that are totally helpless and alien to any resource or capacity to house a technological equipment that allows such application in the pedagogical practice and in the transmission of learning and knowledge. This obviously brings countless benefits to the students, provided that such methodology is taken from good studies and a good action plan which highlights the positive and negative points, also points out what would be the advantages and disadvantages for the institution and the risks of failures that this may bring, outline alternative plans that circumvent the possible weathering that may threaten this teaching model. In this way, this work aims, from its beginning, at the elaboration of a construction on the theme Screenagers and Education, and how the use of technologies and the ease of application of it in the classroom, as the younger ones from the 80's have a ease of handling technological tasks and also reflecting on premature immersion in contact with technologies can favor or limit an individual.


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